Patricia Urquiola

This project is the result of a group of modular panels of different sizes, which can be assembled through hinges to act as back and armrest and hold a soft seats. Blocked and supported by the legs, the entirely upholstered and lined panels display a concave plastic surface on the outside, which visually moves the elements and enhances their effect of lightness. The types originated from this system include an armchair and a small two-seats sofa in two different sizes and a small three-seats sofa in two different sizes.

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Internal frame: tubular steel and steel profiles

Internal frame upholstery: Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover

Armrests and backs cover (HO136-HO154-HO202-HO230): chalk white or black plastic material shell

Armrests and backs cover (HO136P-HO154P-HO202P-HO230P): chalk white, black plastic material and leather shell

Feet and joints: bright chromed, chalk white, black or bordeaux matt painted steel

Ferrules: thermoplastic material

Cover: fabric or leather in limited categories

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